New: Immediately see Linked Quotes, Jobs, PO’s, Delivery Notes & Invoices


On each screen (in the pipeline view), there are now icons on each item to represent linked documents. For example, on a job, you will see a ‘Q’ icon to represent the linked quote, a ‘P’ icon for any linked purchase orders and an ‘I’ icon for any linked invoices. If there are no icons, then these documents haven’t been created or linked!

Hover over the icon to see the linked document number(s). Click on a document number to open it.

New: Visually Track PO’s


On the Purchase Orders screen, you can now see when your PO’s are due on a GANTT style view. This makes it much easier to visualize your deliveries, and if you sort by the Job/Sales Order number you can quickly see what is happening for that job.

Also, deliveries can be dragged and dropped here to a new delivery date.




New: Photos can be Added to a Quote (without having to be in a section)

Previously, you could add images, such as photos from your phone, to a quote or job by adding them to a section. In order to give you more freedom with your images on the PDF, we have added functionality that allows you to add them to the general quote or job. This is especially useful if you want to take a photo that is to be used for the whole quote or job, e.g.:

Quote with large images

To get started you will need to update your templates to include the new image tags, which are Image1, Image2, Image3, Image4, and Image5:


Please note they must be inside their own table, even if it has only one cell, as above.

You are then ready to add images to the quote or job, by clicking on the ‘Images’ button.

New: Recurring/Repeating Quotes, Jobs and Invoices

If you need to generate repeat quotes, jobs or invoices every month, year or week, Quikflw now gives you that functionality.

On the quotations, jobs or invoices screen, click on the button ‘Recurring’ at the top, then click on ‘New Recurring’ to set up your document. All the quote, invoice or job details will be the same as usual but you can then set the recurrence rule:


The documents are generated into their initial status as if you had created them manually from a copy of a previous quote, job or invoice.



New: Pipeline View


You can now see your quotes, jobs, invoices and purchase orders in a pipeline style screen and drag-and-drop one into a different status, instead of having to open it. Just click on the Pipeline button at the top right to change to this view. Click on the Grid button to revert to the list view.

New: Payment Terms by Customer and Supplier Giving More Accurate Cashflow Forecasts

You can now specify with flexibility the expected payment dates for both your sales invoices and supplier invoices. For your sales invoices, this can be set across your company but override for some customers.

If you post your invoices to your accounts package from Quikflw this will give you a more accurate forecast of your cash flow.

You can select from:

  • x day(s) after the invoice date
  • x day of the following month
  • x day(s) after the end of the invoice month
  • x day of the current month

You can set your default payments terms in the Invoice Settings and for individual customers and suppliers on their edit screens.



New: Apply Markup to Job Items (not just Quotes)

If you use Jobs as the starting point of your process you may want to occasionally mark up a supplier’s prices.  This functionality has been in the Quotes modules for a while but is now available Jobs. It can only be applied to all the items in a Job – not on an item by item basis as is the case with Quotes.

Use the ‘Apply’ button at the right of the job edit screen to bring up this screen and decide what to apply it to: