Add or Remove Fields/Columns from the Tiles on the Quote Pipeline

If you want the pipeline view to show more information about the quote (so you don’t have to open it) you can now do this. For example, if you want to show the value of the quote and the site/delivery address:


To do this, either click on the link on the left of the Quote Pipeline screen:


Or click on the Cog and select Quotation Settings then ‘Show/Hide Pipeline Fields’.

You can now select the fields or columns you want to see.


There are three states a column or field can be in:

  • Show – It is visible
  • Hide – Hidden but can be seen when the ‘Show More Details…’ link is clicked on the edit screen
  • Remove – It is not visible and cannot be shown by any method

Go back to the quote screen and the changed fields/columns will be visible.

Get Your Processes Right Every Time with eForm Sequences

If you need to make sure the correct information is collected or sent out before you quote or start a job, or that documents are approved by the customer, the new eForms on Quote and Job templates will make this easier.

For example, if you need to have a site survey done before you quote you can make sure an eForm for this is always added to the quote. If you need your clients to approve artwork at different stages of the job you can make sure the approval request eForms are added at the start of the process – so are not forgotten. This also makes it easier for you to track the process of jobs through the business and see what has not been completed.

Find out more here:

This functionality is part of the ‘Automated Office’.


Multiple Search Terms for Companies, Suppliers, and Items – List & Pipeline Screens

Search across more than one column with multiple search terms. Search for more than one term in the same field.

Search Companies

For example, if you want to search for customers based the town of Bath that came through the website (a custom field) you can enter the search term


Use semi-colons to separate out the search terms.


Search Suppliers

For example, if you want to search for a plumber based in Hull from your supplier you can enter the search term


Use semi-colons to separate out the search terms.


Search Products

For example, to search for part of an item code (e.g. 145) and ‘Green’  in the description enter

145; Green

Use semi-colons to separate out the search terms.


Search Multiple Times in the Same Column

For example, if you have a product code CHAIR_FG_145 you can now search for this by putting in:

CHAIR; 145

This will find any product code with both CHAIR and 145. This multiple search in the same column applies Customers and suppliers as well.

Export a Purchase Order to QuickBooks

You now have the option to export a Purchase Order (PO) directly from Quikflw to the QuickBooks. This means you can use QuickBooks to input your suppliers’ invoices, rather than putting them into QuickBooks and transferring across.

How to Export

  • Open the PO
  • Make sure the status is not Draft or Cancelled
  • Click on ‘Export to QuickBooks’

This functionality is also available for clients using Xero.

Notify Salespeople of New Opportunities, Move Items Between Pipelines & Predict Revenue

If staff in your office enter opportunities and assign them to a salesperson this notification can now be done at the click of a button:


The salesperson receives an email with a link to the opportunity.

Moving to Another Pipeline

An opportunity can be moved to another pipeline by clicking on the item menu and selecting ‘Move Pipeline Item’:


This moves it the start stage of the new pipeline.

Predicting Revenue

To improve the accuracy of sales forecasts and sales pipeline analysis you can now enter the expected close date (‘Expected Date’) and a weighted value is calculated from the probability (e.g. a potential sales with the of value £10,000 and a probability of 50% will be given a weighted value of £5,000).

In the next few weeks, we will be rolling out more improvements to help add up all the opportunities in a pipeline.



Use Reminder/Chaser Emails for Quotes – Set the Number of Days – Sent Automatically

Take the drudgery out of remembering to chase quotes – Quikflw can automatically send reminder emails to your clients. This can include a link or the PDF again.

You can set up as many reminder emails as you want in a sequence, specifying how many days after sending the quote an email will be sent. Set up one-off emails or ones that will be added to all new quotes.

Find out more here.


New: Clients message you from the Quote Web Page

Rather than phone or send you an email, your prospects and clients can now message you directly from the quote and job web pages:


You get an email notification that the customer has left a message and you can see this on the quote or job, in the ‘Messages’ tab:


If you respond using the tool, the client gets an email:


They click on the link to respond and see the rest of of the message trail next to the quote or job.

This means that your conversations about a quote can be kept within the system and linked to the quote. You can also use the internal notes tab for comments you don’t need the client to see.

If you have set up a default email for quotes to be sent from, or you have connected to Quikflw to your mail system, this email will come from that rather than the Quikflw one.