New: Currency Conversion – Automatically Convert One Currency to Another When Adding Items to Quotes, Jobs, Invoices and Purchase Orders

When you buy items in a different currency to your sales currency, Quikflw can now convert the cost price from the buying currency to your sales currency when you add it to a quote, job, invoice or purchase order.

As exchange rates change you can quickly update a whole quote, job, invoice or purchase order to use the new rate.

Find out more here.

Hire Pricing Now Available – for when you hire equipment out (and in)

If you need to hire out equipment or services by the day or hour Quikflw now has the functionality make it easy to quote and manage.

Create Quotes, Jobs/Sales Orders/Projects, and Invoices where you hire out equipment.

You can also create purchase orders using days or hours so you can better track your costs.

For more details on how to get started, see:


Links Between Modules Changes (and becomes more flexible)

In the old version of the system, you could only connect one job /sales order to one quote or one invoice to one job. With the new version, you can link multiple quotes, jobs, invoices, etc. together. You can even link quotes or invoices together.

This means that the old tabs at the bottom of the edit screen are gone and have been replaced by one tab ‘Links & Associations’.


If you want to associate a document to another one, use this new tab instead of the old singular link functionality.

It’s a big change and there will be a few more releases to get more from its potential. The PO list screen used to show the associated job or quote. This will be reinstated in phase 2 of this release in the next week or two.

Switch Off Email Notifications

Switch off email notifications from the system when a quote, purchase order or other documents you are the assigned user for changes.

You can choose to switch off all notifications or just for a status change, client acceptance, sign-off, or another change.

To manage these settings:

  • Go to the Cog at the top right
  • Manage User Accounts
  • Edit a user
  • In the notifications panel set the notifications you want that user to be sent:




Select Multiple Items on a Quote or Job and Create a PO, Invoice, Sign-off, etc. or Apply Markups, Margins, Discounts, etc. to just the Selected Items

Previously, you could only create a PO, Invoice or Delivery Note with all the items on a job or quote. From now you can select just the ones you want.

However, this is restricted to selecting within one section at a time (i.e. you can select 5 items in one section and create a PO, Invoice, etc. but not have 5 from one section and 2 from another).

Margins, mark-ups, discounts, refreshes, etc. can also be applied to the selected items.

How to Work with Multiple Selected Items

Click on the ‘Edit’ Button in a section:


Select the items:

Select Items

Click on the ‘Create’ button to create a PO, Invoice, etc. for these.

Click on the ‘Apply’ to apply discounts, margins, etc.



Force a Page Break After a Section

You can now insert a page break after a section when you are editing the quote – you don’t have to rely on the PDF template to manage this.

Click on the section menu button and click on ‘Add Page Break After’.


This inserts a page break at the end of that section. It does not work in the middle of a section.


Hide the Price of One Item on a Quote

If you don’t want £0.00 appearing on the PDF or don’t want to list a breakdown of item prices you can now select an individual item on the quote, click on its mini-menu and select ‘Hide Price on Quote’.

Hide Price on Quote

The price for that item will be shown blank on the quote PDF:


Note: If you don’t want to list any of your item prices as a matter of course, it would be better over the long run to create a template with the item price tag deleted.

Jump to an Invoice in QuickBooks or Xero from the Quikflw Invoice

Once you have a sales invoice exported into either Xero or QuickBooks you can now open that directly from Quikflw.

On the invoices’ list screen you click on the QuickBooks or Xero icon. This opens the invoice in the accounts software in another browser tab.





If you can’t see the column, go to the Cog -> Invoice Settings -> Show/Hide Search Columns and make sure that ‘Link to Invoice in Accounts Software’ is set to ‘Show’.

You can also open it from the invoice edit screen using the QuickBooks or Xero icon.

qb Edit

If you can’t see the icon, make sure you click on ‘Show More Settings’. The icon will not appear if the invoice has not been exported.