New: Making Screens Easier to Use: Re-Order Columns and Change their Widths

So that Quikflw shows the information that is important to you in the right places, you now can change the order that the columns appear on both the list and edit screens. Click onto the column header you want to move and drag it to where you want it to go and then drop it.


On both the list and edit screens you can now resize columns widths by clicking and holding the line between the column you want to resize and the next and dragging it to the left or right.

You can reset the columns to their defaults by clicking on the link at the bottom of the pages ‘Reset Column Orders & Sizes’.




Quikflw Wins Award for Usability

The leading business software review site CompareCamp recently recognised Quikflw with two awards:

  •             Great User Experience
  •             Rising Star of 2018

The Great User Experience was awarded after they had tested the quotation through to invoices system for clean design, accessibility, clarity, and ease-of-use. The reviewers highlighted how the system gives control over documents and creates an easy to understand workflow from Quotes to Jobs to Purchase Orders to Delivery Notes and Invoices.

Keeping the system easy-to-use is an on-going job as we add more functionality and we are delighted to be recognised for what has been done so far.

The Rising Star Award was given due to the increase in client base as well as how existing clients are benefiting as more functionality is being added based on their feedback. We know it’s a big factor to our clients that the system keeps improving how they work and the recognition of this with the award was very pleasing.

About CompareCamp

CompareCamp is a reputable online resource for reviews on B2B and SaaS solutions prepared by a team of software experts. CompareCamp reviews encompass all types of business solutions in the market. Aside from making product analysis, they also create comprehensive guides to assist businesses in making informed buying decisions across a wide selection of business tools and apps.

New: Create Quotes and Jobs from Templates – Great for Repeat Work and Delivery Charges

If you regularly quote or create jobs with the same products and services you can now set these up as templates and create a quote or a job from them to save time. For example, delivery charges can be added to templates to make sure staff don’t forget to add them or if you always have the same set of items for some quotes this make quote production quicker.



Templates can be accessed at the top of the quote and job list screens using the button ‘Templates’. Add, edit, delete and create quotes or jobs from them. If you are creating a quote from a template the system will use the next quote number and the same happens for jobs.

You can generate templates from existing quotes or jobs. Open the quote or a job you want and click on ‘Show More Settings’ and then ‘Create Template’. You will find the resulting template in the templates section.





New: Jobs Reporting & Dashboard

You can now report on your most profitable and active customers and staff. See jobs value by status and by month or year. Click on the chart icon on the new dashboard under the Jobs section or click on the ‘Charts’ button at the top of the jobs list to access it.

We’ve also redesigned the dashboard to make it really quick to create a new quote, job, PO, delivery note or invoice or to just go straight to a module.

If you’d like to see some different charts, please let us know as we plan to add many more.


New: Quotation Reporting

Analyse your quotations, their profitability, your salespeople’s performance with a leaderboard and the status of your quotes with the new reporting. Report by product or customer using the search bar and use the status panel on the left and the dates selection below that to filter even further. Charts

You can resize or remove charts (use the edit button on the left-hand side) to give you a dashboard with just the information you want to see.

New: Credit Notes Now Available

You can now create, send and export a credit note in the same way that you would an invoice. On the invoice’s screen, select ‘New Invoice’ and select ‘Credit Note’ from the dropdown list. Add items to the credit note as you would for an invoice. The values are not negative on this screen but the total is negative on the invoices list screen.

Also, you can now input a supplier’s credit note on a purchase order.  In the purchase order edit screen, click on ‘Create Supplier Credit Note’. You need to already have a supplier’s invoice entered against that purchase order.

Both types of credit note will export to QuickBooks and Xero if you have connected to them.

New: Different Price Lists by Customer or User

You can now have multiple price lists and set them by customer or user. Therefore, one product can have more than one price. When you select the customer on a quote it will automatically change the price list to use to the default one for that customer. This will automatically change the currency to the one set up for the selected price list.  You can set the customer default price list in each company’s edit screen.

You can also set the default price list for a user in the Manage User Accounts Page. Edit the user and change the price list as required. On the quote, this can be overridden by changing the customer.

This functionality is only available in the ‘Quotes Teams+’ and ‘Everything Team+’ packages.