Use Quikflw for Artwork Approval (and Rejection) Management

We’ve added the ability for end-clients to reject or fail an eForm without having to sign. This means you can use it for your artwork approvals process.  Clients can accept the artwork but if they do reject it they can enter a reason on the form.

Quickly re-issue the new artwork and track what has been approved and declined against each job.

Quikflw can automatically chase clients with scheduled emails for each artwork approval request you make, taking the hassle of out of your job.

Find out more about this functionality here:

Improved Control of your Chaser Emails

Do you want to send quote reminder emails automatically for some clients but not others? Or send a different sequence of emails?

You can now do this with the latest additions to the scheduled messages’ functionality – it allows filtering by client tag and business type.

Scheduled Email

You can filter your scheduled messages in this way for jobs, invoices and delivery notes. PO’s can be filtered by the business type only.


Strike-out lines on your Quotes, PO’s & Jobs – letting your client know what you’ve removed

If your client no longer wants an item and you want to make it clear that you have removed or swapped it for something else you can now show it as struck-through on your quote, job, or for suppliers on your PO.


On the quote, job, invoice, PO or delivery note, select the item’s menu and select ‘Cancel Item’.


On the edit screen it will also be struck through:


You can remove the strike-through by selecting ‘Uncancel Item’ in the men again.


Manage Contracts in Quikflw: Support, Maintenance, Licences & Warranty – and Automatically Send Reminder Emails to Clients

Manage your support, maintenance, licence, back-ups, warranty and lease contracts in Quikflw. Allow the client to eSign the contract, automatically generate invoices every month and set up a sequence of emails to notify your clients of renewal. Also,  sequence emails to your staff to manage upcoming and expired contracts – all automatically.

Powerful Reporting


If you need answers to questions like:

  • What was the value of quotes accepted in August?
  • How many quotes were sent by a salesperson each month of the year?
  • What was the value of work completed in August?

The answers to this and other questions are now available in Quikflw’s reporting screens.

Click on ‘Reports’ at the top of the screen, and find out more on how to use it here:


Templates for Purchase Orders, Jobs & Invoices (so you always include items and eForms).


If you want to make sure that certain items are always added to a Job, Invoice, Quotes or Purchase Order you can make this happen with templates (not to be confused with PDF templates). The Quotes module has had this functionality for a while but it’s just been added to the other modules.

It means you ensure that certain items are always on the document, that certain PDF templates are used and that eForms for that type of work are always added.

There are two options:

  • Create a new Job, PO, Invoice from a template
  • Create from an existing Quote or Job. This results in items on the template being appended to the data from the original Quote or Job and any eForms being added as well.

Find the templates at the top of each main list/pipeline screen by clicking on the blue ‘Templates’ button.